Stamfag - Comparison Tool
Crown Die-Cutting-Tools

Tool Qualities

All stated quantities, in million labels per re-sharpening, are empirical values and can only be achieved with printed and coated wet glue label papers! The tool crowns are 20 to 25mm high and can be re-sharpened up to 20 times, without measurement changes!

Crown Die-Cutting-Tools

S5 Steel crown for up to 5 million labels
S10  High alloy steel crown for up to 10 million labels
STAMDUR   Tungsten carbide crown for up to 100 million labels

Full-Steel-Die Cutting-Tools

VS1 Solid steel Die for up to 5 million labels
Solid steel Die           for up to 10 million labels
Stainless steel INOX    
Solid steel Die for special applications (e.g. Medical technology)
  • The above specified performances can only be achieved with professionally sharpened punching tools.
  • Tool crowns are dimensionally accurate replaceable and the aluminum base reusable! This saves significant costs!
  • Worn crown can be replaced by higher crown quality! This means; An S5 crown can be replaced with an S10 or even Stamdur crown.
  • Punching tools can be equipped with several height-adjustable slitter knives and additional slitter knife positions!
  • Equipped with an additional tool frame and tool plates, the tools can be used on all Die-cutting machines!

Tool Quality comparison diagram

Reduce cost, dramatically!

Find out in a simple way which punching tool quality is most cost-effective for your production by entering the number of labels numerically or moving the slider below the diagram.

This diagram allows you now to compare purchase-, change over-, sharpening- and crown replacement costs of the most commonly used high- and counter pressure dies of the Stamfag S5, S10 and Stamdur qualities.

Shipping costs for re-sharpening and any additional incurred in-house costs are not included in the diagram!

The cost comparison chart ranges up from 1- 600 (million labels). The reference punching knife has a circumference of 280mm and is equipped with two slitter knives, see picture.

The reference die used in computing this comparison is based on a circumference of 280mm and equipped with two waste slitters. The calculated data are empirical values based on experience with printed and varnished wet strength label paper.